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Budgeting for Indie Authors

Ready to publish your next book but not sure how to expect?

In Budgeting for Indie Authors, we take you behind the scenes of publishing a book, a real look at book publishing expenses and tips on how to make your budget work for you (no matter how large or small).

During the workshop we cover the following topics:

  1. Our Book Budgeting Philosophy
  2. Pre-Launch Budget
  3. Book Launch Budget
  4. Ongoing Book Marketing Budget

You'll learn:

  • Our book budgeting philosophy.
  • The 3 areas of editing and how to determine what your book needs.
  • Cover design pricing and demystifying photo manipulation versus illustration.
  • Do you need to invest in book swag? Here’s why you might, or might not.
  • How to save hundreds on book formatting.
  • Do you really need a barcode or ISBN?
  • Why you need an author platform.
  • What costs to watch out for when using Kindle Direct Publishing versus IngramSpark.
  • Advertising budgets and what to expect when running ads.
  • How to budget for giveaways.
  • What to expect with influencer marketing and how to get the best ROI.
  • Budgets of successful indie authors and how they vary.


Get our Self-Publishing Book Budget Spreadsheet and plug in your numbers.

1 MP4, 1 XLSX and 1 PDF
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